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  • Viva Singing Waiters picture

    Viva Singing Waiters

    Singing Waiters
    Our Northern England Singing Waiters will amaze and amuse your guests - they will blend in with the waiters before surprising everyone with their performance.
    Price from £650
     (Based in West Yorkshire)
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  • Impromptu Singing Waiters picture

    Impromptu Singing Waiters

    Singing Waiters
    The singing waiters perform for approx half an hour interacting with your guests encouraging them to join in and singalong to their infectious musical selection
    Price from £800
     (Based in Somerset)
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  • The Singing Waiters picture

    The Singing Waiters

    Super Singing Waiters
    Liven up your event with these superb Singing Waiters! The singers will liaise with the venue regarding uniforms and set up a discreet PA system in the room.
    Price from £850
     (Based in Somerset)
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  • The Secret Singing Waiters picture

    The Secret Singing Waiters

    Singing Waiters
    These singing waiters not only go undercover, but when the surprise is revealed and they start singing, the lyrics are all about the people at your event!
    Price from £890
     (Based in Greater London)
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  • The Surprise Singing Waiters picture

    The Surprise Singing Waiters

    Singing Waiters - Available Nationwide
    Hire surprise entertainment for your special event. These classically trained singers and West End performers have a set-list designed to excite any audience.
    Price from £1200
     (Based in Greater London)
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  • The Flash Mob picture

    The Flash Mob

    Flash Mob Dancers & Singers
    This talented team of dancers & singers can either go undercover as guests or staff at your event, or spring from all angles in full costume and perform for you
    Price from £1380
     (Based in Greater London)
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