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Hire 1920's dancers for your event and book them with one of our authentic 1920's jazz bands.

At Find a Performer we have a wide range of dancers ready to wow audiences. One of our most popular eras is the 1920's Charleston & Flapper dancers, with their vintage flapper dresses, feathers and tassels that add glitz and glamour to any event. Our 1920s Dancers are also the perfect choice for ‘Peaky Blinders’ themed parties and events, and can be hired along with casino tables, vintage car Photo Booths and Gatsby inspired signage.

A typical booking is for 3 x 1920's dancers offering 'meet and greet' in costume followed by 2 or 3 short dance performances ending with the girls getting your guests involved and teaching them the dance moves!

Most of our 1920's dancers are female but we can offer male dancers as well subject to availability.

The Charleston is a dance that became very popular in the 1920’s, although some dance halls banned it as it was seen as a bit too outrageous, it didn't stop people expressing themselves through the classic dance! The Charleston became a worldwide craze and was danced to fast ragtime jazz tunes. It was also a pre-cursor to the Lindy Hop dance that became popular in the 1930’s. Flappers were young women who wore short skirts, styled their hair into bobs, listened to jazz and danced the Charleston.

The roaring 1920s were carefree and wild. Previously, ballroom dancing was structured and tame compared to the “Charleston,” ”Black Bottom” and “Shimmy” dances that took over dance floors in the 1920s. Ballroom dancing continued with older and more conservative folks well into the ’30s. The new dance crazes were for the the youth of this decade who valued frivolity and looser morals. 

Our 1920's dancers can deliver the best roaring 20's cabaret sets especially tailored for your event with various packages available for your occasion, venue and budget.

With Feathers and Flappers, Glitz at the Ritz, to the Ultimate Gatsby Glamour, our dancers are ideal for corporate and themed events. They can bring a wonderful collection of vintage classics from the 1920’s - 1940’s. Classic songs include ‘Doop’, ‘Miss Kiss Bang Bang’, ‘I am a good girl’, ‘All that Jazz’ and ‘Why don’t you’.


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