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  • The Killarney Harpist - Harpist

    The Killarney Harpist


    Harpist - Available in Limerick

    The Killarney Harpist is a professional harpist with over 25 years experience who offers a range of classical, popular and traditional music for all events.
    Price from £275
     (Based in Kerry)
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  • Jill Wallands - Harpist & Singer

    Jill Wallands

    Harpist & Singer - Available in Limerick

    This Irish harpist has been performing at weddings and private functions throughout Ireland since 1999 and she accompanies her harp playing with her singing.
    Price from £350
     (Based in Limerick)
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  • The Leinster Harpist - Harpist & Singer

    The Leinster Harpist


    Harpist & Singer - Available in Limerick

    This Irish singer and harpist will work with you to choose the music for your wedding ceremony or event even if it has not been heard on the harp before.
    Price from £375
     (Based in Dublin)
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