The Galway Piper - Uillean Piper & Flautist

Are you looking for a Uillean piper in Galway or elsewhere in Ireland? For the ultimate rich, evocative and thoroughly enjoyable musical soundtrack to your wedding and/or champagne reception, you can’t go wrong with this wonderful Irish Uillean Piper. He can also play flutes and whistles.  

This versatile Uillean piper from Galway can play a combination of pipes with meltingly beautiful and evocative whistles and flutes and has an exquisite and varied repertoire of old luscious traditional pieces mixed with modern classics he will warm the hearts of your guests. 

A great communicator with a good sense of humour, one of his signature tricks is to put the anxious groom at his ease while nervously waiting for the arrival of his bride-to-be.

During the less-formal Champagne Reception, he is usually to be found with a group of interested guests pumping him for information about his instruments.

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The Galway Piper - Uillean Piper & Flautist Repertoire

Sample Repertoire List

  • Ag Críost an Síol on Pipes
  • Black is the Colour of my True Love's Hair on Tin Whistle
  • Cape Clear D minor on Low Whistle
  • Carolan's Concerto on Pipes
  • Carrickfergus on Pipes
  • Contentment is Wealth on Flute
  • Gabriel's Oboe on Pipes
  • Gabriel's Oboe on Flute
  • Haste to the Wedding on Pipes
  • The Wild Geese on Low Whistle
  • Limerick's Lamentation on Low Whistle
  • Madame Maxwell on Tin Whistle
  • Mo Ghile Mear on Pipes
  • My Lagan Love on Pipes
  • Planxty Hewlett on Pipes
  • Planxty Irwin on Pipes
  • Planxty Power on Pipes
  • Róisín Dubh on Pipes
  • Sí Bheag Sí Mhór on Pipes
  • Sí Bheag Sí Mhór on Flute
  • Tabhair do do Láimh on Pipes
  • The Castle of Dromore on Pipes
  • The Coolin on Pipes
  • The Fairy Hornpipe on Low Whistle
  • The Fort of the Fairy Queen on Low Whistle
  • The King of the Fairies
  • The Mountains of Mourne on Pipes
  • The Mountains of Mourne on Flute
  • The Snowy breasted Pearl on Pipes

Various Sections of Catholic Church Ceremony 

(This list is a good starting point for a Church of Ireland ceremony too.  For a civil wedding, you are less tied to particular parts of the ceremony and can have much more freedom)

Pre-Ceremony (Background music as your guests arrive and chat)

A selection of pieces on various instruments

Processional Music (As the bride walks up the aisle) 

  • Gabriel's Oboe - Uilleann Pipes
  • Planxty Power - Uilleann Pipes 
  • Tabhair Dom Do La´imh - Uilleann Pipes

Light individual Candles (Bride & Groom light a candle each, representing their single lives up till this point) 

  • Si´ Bheag Si´ Mho´r - Low Whistle 
  • Planxty Irwin - Low Whistle

Responsorial Psalm (Often sung, but a gentle piece of music is gorgeous here) 

  • The Fort of the Fairy Queen - Low Whistle
  • The Wexford Carol - Low Whistle

Light unity candle  (...& Applause! - Bride & Groom light a single candle to symbolise their future life together) 

  • Si´ Bheag Si´ Mho´r - Flute 
  • The Fort of the Fairy Queen
  • Planxty Irwin - Uilleann Pipes 
  • Contentment is Wealth - Flute

Offertory Procession (Music played as the gifts are brought up from the back of the church) 

  • Ag Críost an Síol - Uilleann Pipes 

Sign of Peace (Music for while the congregation are shaking hands with each other) 

  • Tabhair Dom Do La´imh - Uilleann Pipes 
  • Planxty Irwin - Uilleann Pipes 

Communion (Music as the congregation receives Holy Communion) 

  • Ave Maria - Low Whistle
  • Panis Angelicus - Low Whistle
  • Black is the Colour - Tin Whistle 
  • The Mountains of Mourne - G Whistle
  • My Lagan Love - Uilleann Pipes

Reflection (Piece of music directly after the communion as the priest is “tidying up”) 

  • Limerick's Lamentation - Low Whistle
  • Cape Clear - Low Whistle

Signing of the Register & Photographs on the Altar (Music here can be a little lighter in tone and feeling) 

A selection of pieces on various instruments

Recessional Music (Played as the Bride & Groom exit the church) 

  • Carolan's Concerto - Uilleann Pipes 
  • Haste to the Wedding - Uilleann Pipes

The Galway Piper - Uillean Piper & Flautist Feedback

This Act's Average Star Rating

He was fantastic and brilliant. A real down-to-earth character and gifted musician and very easy to work with. His music created a wonderful and very emotional setting in an already unique and intimate St. John’s church. All the guests couldn’t stop talking about him and the real surprise they got to arrive to such a lovely ambience in the church. Ronan’s music reached out to one and all and spoke a thousand words.

Tara Jane & Brendan, (9th Jun 2018)

He was awesome! We learned about his music from a lucky Google search and watched a few videos. In person, he's is a great guy; funny, great sense of humor, flexible, and a genuinely good hearted person. He’s a great communicator, arrived on time and made everything super easy for us. Hope to see him again one day, regardless of whether he’s playing an instrument or not...and enjoy a pint with him. Like I said, He is awesome!

Jessa & Jay, (25th Jun 2018)

He is a gent, I wasn't sure of appropriate songs for our mass and he filled in the gaps perfectly. I really wanted to walk down the aisle to Amazing Grace on the pipes and it had me fighting back tears from the second I heard it. The Uileann Pipes and the way he plays them are haunting and beautiful, so many of our friends and family had never heard the pipes, flute and whistle at a wedding before and loved it as much as we did. Even our priest was converted as soon as he heard it. It really is the stand out memory of the day remembering to the beautiful music Ronan played during our ceremony.

Aoife, (30th Jun 2018)

What can I say, he was a pure delight to deal with from start to finish, excellent correspondence which is just what you need if you are a busy bride! I came across him through a friends recommendation, and it was the best decision ever. He is so talented at what he does, and a pure gentleman, he added such a fairytale feeling to our day with his amazing music, and kept our guests entertained before the ceremony with his amazing talent. If in doubt, and looking for something a bit different and magical, contact him!

Hazel, (2nd Jul 2018)

He was terrific in every way. He was responsive leading up to the event, showed up early, and all of our guests loved his music and chatting with him afterwards. He has our highest recommendation.

Rob & Sarah, (8th Jul 2018)

He is so bright and lively, his music set the absolute perfect tone for our wedding, and I cannot tell you how many people told us they LOVED the music! He was really kind and prompt when talking online (destination wedding, so we weren't able to meet any of our vendors until the day of, eek!) but I could even tell over email that he was going to be the perfect fit- highly recommend him!

Tara , (18th Jul 2018)

Fantastic! His music brought our ceremony to life. The pipes and flutes were so sweet, everyone enjoyed the music thoroughly. Ronan played every song we requested with such beauty. We couldn’t recommend him more! If you are considering traditional instruments for your wedding... book him... it will make your day!

Aoife Finn, (25th Aug 2018)

He was an absolute delight to deal with. He worked with us very closely to match the music to with our exact needs, likes, and the venue choice. everything worked beautifully and i could not have been happier. Nothing was too much trouble. It made the pre ceremony and the ceremony so special, i will never forget the sound of the beautiful pipes as i walked down the aisle, perfect. He's is charming, kind, exceptionally professional, funny and very easy to work with. excellent value for money, cannot recommend him more.

Samantha Tosh , (6th Oct 2018)

Cannot praise him enough! With 160 guests at our wedding every single person enjoyed thoroughly the music at the church. He went above and beyond for us, with accommodating a change of date to playing extra songs while the guests chatted in the church, to create a wonderful relaxed atmosphere. Even the priest commented on how great it was! So nice to deal with, always replying quickly and in detail to any queries we had. A true gent with a great talent.

Claire & William, (3rd Nov 2018)

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