Duo Monte - Brazilian Duo

Since 2003 these Brazilian musicians have been playing their interesting and captivating fusion of Brazilian music (samba and baiao), Latin jazz and funk.

Along with the original standard Brazilian jazz repertoire, they play their own compositions based on their own life experiences. Together they create a "contagious" vibe incorporating improvisation with a unique sound of the "cuica" that they create with the guitar which is the duo's trademark.

Their repertoire of samba, bossa nova, Latin jazz and baiao (music from the north east of Brazil) is truly fascinating. They create a vibrant and lively Latin American vibe suitable for everyone who enjoys listening to good quality music and definitely for those who enjoys to dance.
This act are available for any kind of event: bars, festivals, weddings and anniversaries etc. 

Musician 1
Guitarist, singer and composer born in Brazil. He has 20 years of performing experience in his hometown and throughout Brazil. During this period he maintained regular showcases in bars, theatres and several festivals. He has been working alongside fellow poets and composers: Jose Helder de Souza, Jonny Wilson and Madan. In October 1999 he moved to London where he has been playing at some of London's live venues such as Guanabara, Finfest Festival and Bar Cuba.

Musician 2
Guitarist and composer, born in Brazil. He soon achieved a broad knowledge of Brazilian Popular Music, which was the platform for further studies in Jazz. In his references list we find the likes of Helio Delmiro, Pat Martino and Emily Remler, just to name a few. In 1992 he decided to bring his music to Europe. He started in London where he peformed frequently in a number of venues. He has been improving his skills
as a guitarist and composer in different styles of music.

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