The Sabri Qawwali Duo - Qawwali Singers

Looking for Qawwali singers in London? This performer has been studying Qawwali with Ustaz Mahmoud Sabri sing 2015 and the duo have formed a healthy collaboration, touring Sufi events around London and Berlin performing for unaccompanied minors on the Greek Islands.

They are planning a tour of the United States later this year, as well as more concerts in Britain and Germany. Their repertoire includes a lot of old favourites from the Sabri Borthers’ heyday, such as Damadam Mast Qalandar and Taj Dar e Haram, as well as earlier traditional Qawwali, like Ajranghe. He and some Arabic Nasheed, for example Ya Habib and Ya Mustafa.

There is an uncanny communication between the duo whereby they can follow each other musically to the extent that they can pre-empt what the other will do next, which creates seemly ensemble playing and allows for exciting improvisation. 

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