Joanne Sale - Solo Cellist

This classical cellist is based in London and has a post graduate performance degree and travels across Europe and the UK performing works for solo cello, and cello and piano duos in concert and private engagements on both electric or acoustic cello.

Her music has mesmerised and delighted audiences in the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Japan.

In her live solo performance, she plays an electric cello and uses looping to combine atonality with rich orchestration and deft percussive sounds to produce 'majestic soundscapes'.

She also writes specially commissioned pieces for music, film and theatre companies. Her previous commissions include Orphic Film (Fade – 2008), Teatro Vivo (The Three Sisters – 2009), and Caesar Productions (String Casear – 2010), Paul Schoolman’s film starring Derek Jacobi and Alice Krige..


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Joanne Sale - Solo Cellist Repertoire

Solo Cello


  • Bach Unaccompanied cello suites (all 6)
  • Kodaly - Solo Cello Sonata Op 8
  • George Crumb – Solo Cello Sonata
  • Hindemith - Solo Cello Sonata
  • Elgar - Nimrod (Enigma Variation)
  • Handel - Queen of Sheeba
  • Clarke - Trumpet Voluntary
  • and many more 

Elbow, Etta James, Nina Simone etc 

Cello and Piano

  • Beethoven - Sonatas
  • Debussy - Sonata 
  • Saint Sains - The Swan
  • Brahms - Cradle Song
  • Elgar – Nimrod (Enigma Variation)
  • Beethoven - Ode to Joy
  • Palm Court Music, Light Jazz and many, many more

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