The Latino Kings - Latin Band

Their music is an irresistible meeting of Latino, Flamenco and Afro-Cuban influences woven together by driving dance rhythms and rich vocal harmonies. The band use acoustic instruments playing them with such passion and skill that the result is electrifying, much greater than the sum of its parts. 

Their music is joyful, original, contemporary and fresh with a timeless, enduring appeal with a compellingly pure and unique sound, the songs and soaring harmonies raise the temperature wherever they play.

Formed in the Autumn of 1995, these three experienced and well respected musicians have played to enthusiastic audiences in a variety of venues. Energetic and capable in any situation, from stately home house parties to heaving dance halls and World Music festivals.

The instrumentation is nylon string guitar, double bass and percussion

The Guitarist plays nylon string guitar with a biting rhythmic edge, full of chordal colours and soaring solos.

The bass end is taken care of by their dancing double bassist, deep, dubby and melodic.

Meshing it together is thepercussionist – congas, cajón, bongos, wood block and bass drum – pioneering an original and explosive way of combining these together.

Over this rock solid foundation of wood, skin and string are the lead vocals and the tight harmony vocals sung by all three musicians.

The band members are united in the belief of the power of music to inspire and transcend social, cultural and religious barriers and aim to challenge and raise awareness in their audiences through songs of celebration, love and of people finding a common humanity beyond race, caste and creed.

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