Stefan Holmes - Flamenco Guitarist

This superb flamenco guitarist is available for weddings, functions and concerts in the London area as a soloist or with a dancer and singer. He began playing Spanish guitar at the age of ten and soon developed a gripping interest in flamenco - an unusual pastime for a boy growing up in the grey and chilly seaside town of Lowestoft on the East Suffolk coast during the 60's. Andalucia and its promises, might as well have been another world away, but him, inspired by the recordings he had managed to get hold of - the greats like Sabicas and later, Paco de Lucia - taught himself and by fourteen was already giving his first solo performances.

At the age of 17 he then headed off to St Maries de la Mer in the Carmargue where he immersed himself in gypsy culture, gaining invaluable insight into the people and their artform.

Now, after more than three decades of devotion to the art, he is undisputably one of the country's most innovative composers and a master performer . His outstanding technical ability, coupled with thoughtful and distilled maturity give range to a freedom of expression and rhythmic clarity that makes his a unique sound.

His compositions are based on traditional flamenco rhythms, but one can immediately sense an intimacy with other musical forms such as jazz, rock and oriental melodies. Titles like 'GIRAFFE' and 'ELEVATOR' reflect his committment to the expanding rather than static tradition of flamenco. His group ensemble which features, amongst others, a flautist and folk-acoustic guitar player provide a platform for him to further explore this cross-pollination of musical heritages.

Presently he has his base in London and is teaching flamenco guitar, whilst continuing to perform and compose. In his career to date have been numerous TV and radio appearances and performances at theatres, festivals and Arts Centres throughout the UK. These include: The Royal Festival Hall, The Barbican, The National Theatre, The Commonwealth Institute, The Riverside Studios and The Glastonbury Festival.


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This guitarist has the option of a battery amplifier which is very useful for outdoor bookings.

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