Simon Deagan - Wedding Singer / Guitarist

This guitarist / vocalist is available for weddings and functions in Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and the surrounding counties.

He has been a professional musician for the past eighteen years and can play with or with backing tracks. After giving up his day job in 1989 to join the Mike D'Abo band, Mike was the singer with sixties chart band Manfred Mann who's biggest hit was a Bob Dylan song called the Mighty Quinn.  Mike named his band after this song and we became 'The Mighty Quintet'. During a ten year period with the band  he travelled the world playing in France, Switzerland, Germany, Bahrain, Oman, Hong Kong, America , and anywhere else that was prepared to engage their services.
Prior to his time with 'The Mighty Quintet' he travelled the country extensively with various bands. In the late 70's he formed a duo with a friend and spent two summers playing in Crete and Corfu. On returning to Britain he joined a band which toured the country supporting a Rock 'n Roll outfit - well known at the time - called Showadywaddy. The band also toured Norway in September of 1983 , doing thirty five dates in seven weeks travelling the entire length of the country in an old converted coach with temperatures down to minus 15 and defective heating.
In 1986 he joined a popular Swindon group called Locomotion, playing the usual places up and down the country (British and American air bases, Pubs and Clubs) until was asked to join the Mighty Quintet.
Towards the latter period of his time with Mike D'Abo he branched out into a solo career; this was a necessary step for him to take as an artist in his own right, although the main reason for this decision was the re-forming of Manfred Mann  (now known as The Manfreds).  

Finding himself out there doing gigs on his own was pretty daunting at first, but armed with his Stratocaster and backing tracks recorded in his studio with real musicians (Chris and Owen, the bass player and drummer respectively from the Mighty Quintet) he has never looked back .
Ten years down the line he has forged a reputation as a soulful singer with a warm earthy voice which has been likened to Rod Stewart or Brian Adams but he is equally at home singing songs from the Beatles, Robbie Williams or Muddy Waters.
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