The UK Syrian Singer - Arabic Singer

The Syrian Singer was born and raised in the ancient city of Damascus, to a well known family for its passion to Inshaad and authentic Tarab music.

He started Inshaad with his family members in the family band when he was a child and his first professional singing career started in 2007 during his military service at the elite Officers club in Tartous. 

The roots of the authentic Tarab music influenced his ongoing performance, singing hard Maqamat and Mawaweel giving joy to the thirsty audience for such music. 

The Syrian singer moved to Lebanon during the war in 2011 but this did not stop him from his passion and he started a new band with his cousins performing the same line of music he loved and started with.

In 2016 he moved to the UK and continued his dream of spreading quality music and songs, where he performs solo or with his band in various events through out the UK and Europe.

Solo Performance

Ataba, Mijana, Tarab, Joy full songs, with a full oriental music band or a one man show, his voice will take you in a joyful journey and cross the boarders taking you to memories you always think of. 

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