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Looking to hire a Silent Disco for your wedding or event? If your venue has noise restrictions or you just love the idea of a Silent Disco then this company can supply everything you need for a DIY Silent Disco and deliver it to your address.

If you want to hire a DJ then talk to us as we help you to choose the right person for your event - this package is just for the equipment but you can just create your own playlist and run the disco from your laptop or mobile phone!

The Silent Disco kit has two transmitters, so two streams of music can be played at once. This means your guests can choose which stream of music to listen to by pressing the Tune In button on their headphones.

If you already know what music you want to play and are experienced at setting up playlists or choosing tracks on the go then you probably don’t need this guide.

Several factors will influence what DJ or playlist method you chose. Will you have reliable wi-fi? Is there a party theme? What devices can you use? Do you guests have really different music tastes? Do you want to be the only DJ or let your guests play DJ too?

Check out these ideas. You can use a different way for each stream or the same for both.

Locked and Loaded
Make a playlist in advance long enough to cover the whole party. Just press play and leave it to run. No need to keep switching DJs or devices.

Keep on Movin’
he DJ decides which track is up next as they go along. Most devices and music services like Spotify allow tracks to be to 'queued' and build a few songs up so there's no break in flow.

We include two disco bum bags so the DJ can carry the transmitter with them and still dance!

Collaborate and listen
Set up a transmitter and music device so everyone can reach it to add a track to the queue as the mood takes them. This will lead to some brilliant/laughable follow up tracks and accompanying dance moves. Imagine SClubs Reach for the Stars kicking in after Nivarna's Smells like Teen Spirit. Smooth. 
You’ll need a library of tunes on that device or good internet access to pull this off.

The Winner Takes It All

The headphones flash different colours depending on which music channel they are tuned to. So it's possible to see how many people are listening to which DJ. If the listener numbers drop low for one DJ boot them off and let someone else have a go!

Stick it on
In homage to a famous Brighton club night, this method sees lots of guests selecting and submitting in advance their perfect 15 minutes of music. Those mini set lists then get played on the night. Either in a specific order or with someone deciding as things go along. You might get the mini set lists ready in advance on one device or invite the guests to bring the tracks on their own device.

Bun fight
Don't plan anything at all and just hand out the transmitters to the first keen looking people. Then wait and see how long it takes for others to be snapping at their heels!


Top Tips

  • Where possible, make sure your tracks are downloaded on to your device rather than relying on wi-fi as it may not be reliable and may drain the battery of your device.

  • Check settings on your device or music service for cross-fade playback, or gapless playback to avoid silence between the tracks.

  • You may have problems running both streams of music from the same music service - check out their terms on being signed in on two devices at the same time. I get round this by having the device on airplane mode, but that's unhelpful if you want to stream.

Good to know

  • The kit is battery powered with the transmitters lasting at least 6 hours. The kit arrives fully charged but plug the transmitters in at some point if you think you’ll be partying for longer than 6 hours.

  • The flashing lights on the headphones can be turned off by pressing and holding the volume control. This increases their battery life from about 8 to about 12 hours.

  • Once the transmitters are turned off, the headphones will turn themselves off after about 10 minutes.


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