The Yorkshire Flamenco Dancer - Flamenco Dancer

This professional Yorkshire flamenco Dancer is originally from Madrid and provides fun and educational dance workshops to schools in Sheffield and West and South Yorkshire.

She enjoys educating children about the Spanish flamenco art dance tradition and also includes teaching some Spanish words (“Hola!” (Hello), “Mi nombre es..” (My name is…), “Como estas? “(How are you?), “Hasta luego” (See you later), Olé!..) etc.

The workshops  provided by the Yorkshire flamenco dancer all culminate in the children dancing flamenco, learning some simple choreography and dance routines, using their feet and clapping to the dance rhythms.

The workshops are a dynamic and fun experience! Each workshop is designed for a classroom setting and at a level suitable for the whole group and promotes cultural, mental and physical development.

She will teach the children with exercises designed to promote and stimulate the correct placement of the body, arms, hands and posture through basic exercises, as well as also working on rhythmic and musical stimulation of the body (feet, arms, hands and fingers).

She can be hired on her own or with a flamenco guitarist and is also available for performance work and Spanish themed events.

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