The West Country Silhouettist - Silhouette Artist

One glance at the way our West Country Silhouette Artist uses his hands will tell you how he earned his nick-name “The Magician”. His accurate and characterful silhouettes are cut in a matter of seconds with a long pair of surgical scissors.

Originally from New Zealand he began as a talented close-up magician but dissatisfied with conjuring tricks, he abandoned the pursuit of magic to take up a career as a silhouettist. He taught  himself to cut silhouettes in the late 1990’s after studying the work of the famous American magician/silhouettist Dai Vernon. 

His professional background is in architecture and this left him with a unique sense of proportion, linear style, and the all-important spatial aptitude needed for silhouette cutting. 

He was booked for the Queen’s 80th birthday party in 2006 and is available for mix-and-mingle silhouette cutting at corporate and private events.

He also offers silhouette workshops in schools and museums.

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