Giorgio Abelli - Italian Accordionist

This act's passion for the accordion started when he was just four years old and has grown with the years thanks to the teaching of the mythic Maestro Elio Boschello from Mirano (Venice, Italy) that took him to the epitome of his musical carrier winning the world championship in 1975.

He studied piano, classic organ, composition and music history at the "Conservatorio C. Pollini" of Padova  and was part of the orchestra of Piazza S. Marco (Venice) - a well known meeting spot of artists, actors and international stars and personalities.
He has played accordion, piano and keyboards with many artists and bands from Italy and Montecarlo, in venues including Casinos, Cruise Liners and The Orient Express and now has over 30 years experience.

He now entertain his audience mostly in Scotland, where he's lived for the past 19 years, but he keeps travelling around from Glasgow to London, Edinburgh to Manchester and occasionally in concert in different parts of Europe playing his Roland digital accordion and singing Italian and International songs in five different languages.

Career Highlights
-International Festival Recanati,
 First  prize on 1973-74-75-76-77-78

-Concorso Internazionale "La spiga d'oro"
 First  prize on 1974-75-76-77

-Concorso Nazionale Concertisti Terni 1974, First  Prize

-C.M.A. Accordion World Championship 1975-76-78

-Part of Fisaorchestra Luciano Fancelli - of Mirano (Venice) from 1973 to 1978,

 Concerts all over Europe, Canada and United States.

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