Penelope Cortez - Flamenco Dancer

This flamenco dancer is based in Yorkshire and comes from a musical Cuban-Spanish family. She holds a Literature and Language Degree (Caracas, Venezuela) and completed her thesis on ‘Lorca and Flamenco, the Relationship between Spanish Poetry and the Art of Flamenco’. The artist is a Spanish tutor, professional dancer, choreographer and dance teacher.

She has received dance training since she was 14 in Classical, Jazz, Contemporary, Tango, African and Cuban dances. At the age of 20, she discovered Flamenco and realised that it was the true musical form of movement and expression she was looking for. Pasion Flamenca Dance School, in Caracas, offered her a Contemporary and Classical instructor position. In addition, she was also trained as a Flamenco teacher and a professional performer. 
For the last 7 years she has lived in the UK and continues to develop her dance technique. Her passion for Flamenco has allowed her to travel and perfect her art in London, Miami and Spain. During the summer of 2006, she was offered the task of coordinating the first Latin Festival in the Kent, where she used to live.  She exhibited her choreographies. She has had performed regularly at Spanish events, social gatherings and festivals around the area.
She now lives in Yorkshire and has brought her Flamenco. She’s been offering regular classes and workshops for people of all ages at colleges, schools and Councils in the north of England. She is currently performing at restaurants and venues in Yorkshire, choreographing and running Flamenco projects.  In the last few months she has participated in the Leeds Flamenco Penas, Leeds Waterfront Festival, The Monarch Event in Birmingham, Hispaniola Summer Party in Harrogate, York Carnival, Fiesta Festival in York, York Learning Festival, Barley Festival, Sevillanas Dance Record Guinness in London, Saku and Karda Dance Festival in Estonia, the Day of the Dance in Saltaire.
Oncoming performances: Lorca, Sueño De Vida in Malaga and Flamenco sin fronteras performance in Hull.
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