Luis Talo - Flamenco Guitarist

This Dorset flamenco guitarist began his studies in Madrid at the famous Flamenco Academy "Amor de Dios" and is available solo or with his flamenco group.

He has studied with highly regarded guitarists such as "El Entri" and Miguel Rivera. Having acquired sound flamenco guitar technique, he moved to Jerez de la Frontera in Andalusia in search of a deeper meaning of Flamenco and to experience it at its rawest.

Here, he continued to study with great performers such as Parilla de Jerez, Jose Luis Balao, Jesus Alvarez, Santiago Lara and Joselillo Mendez, whilst also working as a guitarist for notable dancers and teachers such as Manuela Carpio and Ani María López.

He has worked in venues in Spain and in the UK such as "La Damajuana", "Peña Los Cernicalos" (in the acclaimed 2005 Jerez flamenco annual festival "Las noches de la Plazuela,) as well as various theatres in Germany and throughout the U.K.
His playing is a musical blend of old and new styles, emotion and clarity.

He is a sensitive and creative guitarist with that added ingredient which is unmistakably flamenco, yet eludes us when we try to describe it.

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