Jesu Braga - Flamenco Guitarist

This flamenco guitarist has been performing since he was 13 and has dedicated himself to developing his own unique style of composition and performance, which demonstrates a wide range of influences from classical guitar and flamenco to jazz and Latin American styles.

Primarily a solo concert guitarist and composer, he has played in a diverse range of venues across Chile, Mexico, Pakistan, Italy, Spain, Ireland and the UK.

He has been teaching guitar for 15 years and has worked with a wide range of Chilean flamenco dance companies as musical director and composer.

He has recorded three CDs of his own compositions and in 2005 he moved to the UK from where he has been giving concerts and workshops in venues across London and beyond with renowned flamenco artists based here.

His talents were internationally recognised in June 2006 when he won first prize in the "best non-Spanish guitarist" category, at the Niño Ricardo International Guitar Competition held in Murcia, Spain.

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