Mark Berg - Spanish Guitarist

At the age of six this guitarist showed a passion for flamenco and classical guitar and began to take lessons giving his first public performance at the age of 11. Since then he has performed the world over on national and local television and radio, at music festivals, clubs and various music venues.
At age thirty-two he moved to Andalucia in southern Spain to further study flamenco and absorb the culture by learning the language where he continued to perform and work with many accomplished musicians.

He was recently commissioned to compose a piece 'El Sueno del Cabello' for a theatre production of Troy in New York and is currently working on a second album and collaborating with various producers on acoustic recording projects.

He has an extensive and varied repertoire including an impressive array of genres with a sweet and expressive style rich in rhythm and tone. The music of Spain, Brazil, Cuba, Eastern Europe flows effortlessly from his flamenco guitar along with the genres the genres of flamenco, blues, jazz, classical and folk.

He is also a member of an acoustic duo of soul and flamenco. co-writing and performing with a singer.



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Hi Geoff, Just a note to say that the guitarist was brilliant last Thursday and exactly what we wanted. He is a very skilled musician and all our guests were suitably impressed with his guitar playing.Unfortunately, with the dinner party in swing he left quietly without disturbing us and the caterers did not let me know he was going. I was therefore horrified that I had missed him without so much as a thank you.Please pass this e-mail on to him and thank him once again for a brilliant performance, which enhanced greatly our evening.

John Woods,

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