Stan Sandbank - Celtic Guitarist

Audiences frequently comment on the way he seems to lose himself in the music as he plays, and the way he draws the listener in with him, regardless of the type of music or style of playing: fast, slow, happy or sad. If definitions are necessary, a glance at the track listing of his solo CDs shows he is an extreemly versatile player and can play everything from Classical to Celtic to Jazz.

He started playing guitar when he was 12 years old - at school. He got friendly with Jim ("Midge") Ure and started a band with him, playing the pop hits of the day: The Beatles, The Monkees etc. This lasted for 2 or 3 years and they largely followed the music trends of the time, moving from simple pop music on to blues and heavy or "progressive" rock as it became the "in" thing.

At age 15, he started listening to classical music and by his twenties had become involved with the growing Scottish traditional music scene.
He continues to work as performer, record producer, composer and arranger on a wide variety of projects and is equally at home in a concert or function setting, providing a mix of classical, jazz standards, traditional Scottish/Irish harp and fiddle music and popular tunes suitable for any occasion.

"wunna dese daze youz gonna windup inda east river wid broken fingers!"- Brian McNeill (Director, Scottish Traditional Music Degree, RSAMD, Glasgow)

"an inspiration to me, proving there is more to music than just playing the tune" - Dougie Pincock (Director, Traditional Music School of Excellence, Plockton)

"a virtuoso guitar player" - Sheena Wellington, Radio Scotland

"a fabulous guitar player" - Ian Bruce, singer/songwriter

"The guitar guv'nor" - Archie Fisher, Radio Scotland

"The guitar techniques are formidable - well recorded and produced with care " - Grem Devlin, Living Tradition

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