Darius Jones - Wedding Guitarist

This wedding guitarist is a professional musician specializing in high quality music for weddings, parties and other functions, all over the south of England. Renowned for his romantic smooth sound, and popular repertoire, he fills occasions with relaxing, warm ambience.

Using small amplifiers and backing tapes, the sound is soft and just the right volume to be heard behind people talking, without being too loud.

After studying the classical and jazz guitar for about 15 years, he was lucky enough to make it his career. Starting guitar lessons at the age of 9, he was very lucky to have excellent teachers, who encouraged him to explore all genres of guitar playing. This has allowed him to work in many different playing situations and styles.

He has travelled extensively throughout the UK and Europe, touring with bands, ensembles, shows and solo performances.


Eventually, wanting to return to a more 'normal life', he decided to settle in Dorset and continues to enjoy playing in various musical idioms including jazz ensembles, musicals, recording sessions, pop bands and teaching.


His training of jazz and classical playing, along with a love for the classical guitar itself, has resulted in his wedding/function music project which has proved very popular. He has played nearly a thousand performances, and have sold over 3000 copies of his first CD 'Misty'. His music has also been used in TV productions and numerous radio  broadcasts.


This year continues to be busy, including tours with 'The Four Tops', and musicals 'Jesus Christ Superstar' and 'Summer Holiday'. Also working with the great stage School 'Stagewise', 'Live Impact', and lots of Weddings!


He can play as your guests enter the room and take their seats, normally about 15 minutes before the ceremony. This creates a lovely warm atmosphere and also avoids any awkward 'silences'!

As the Bride walks in I will play a piece of your choice that has special meaning. This could be a popular love song, a piece of music from a show or traditional wedding music, or the song that was 'playing when you met'!

During the signing of the register, it is nice to have a couple of 'personal fond favourites'. I will be happy to find and learn any special pieces if they are not already in my repertoire.
I will then play as everybody leaves the room, again putting the finishing touch to a wonderful ceremony!

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Darius Jones - Wedding Guitarist Repertoire

This is a listing of his most popular songs. Music can be picked from this list to be played for a special moment such as during the wedding ceremony, or he will be happy to find and learn any special pieces as long as enough prior notice is given. This allows the couple to add a more personal touch to their ceremony music. 

  • The wind beneath my wings 
  • Walking in the air 
  • Angel of mine 
  • I know him so well 
  • Truly, Madly, Deeply 
  • If you're not the one 
  • Love story 
  • Theme from "Titanic" 
  • Where is love? 
  • Memory's 
  • Misty 
  • Tonight I celebrate my love for you 
  • Strangers in the night 
  • A Nightingale sang in Berkeley Square 
  • Killing me softly 

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